About the Company

TESC, as a German-funded architecture technology company, represents the most advanced building material system originating from Germany, the most suitable solutions and the most rigorous construction services.


Service Scope

Ourcompanyfocusesonconsultingservice, construction, project management and facility management and so on. We offer diversified comprehensive professional services. Meanwhile, through the cooperation with European especially German building material and equipment manufacturers, importing foreign advanced technologies and develop all these resources into a local oriented and well directed solutions which meet customers’ realistic needs at the same time.

Our Team


Excellent Design and Construction Team

We work with the German design team to provide our customers with the most efficient and suitable design and construction scheme.


Senior Project Manager

We have good senior project managers who are experienced with foreign construction projects. Therefore, we are capable of solving a series of tricky technical problems in the process of projects, which provides a good guarantee for the well-ordered construction of projects.


Professional Facility Manager

Our facility manager is familiar with German advanced management concept of facility management and also has rich experience in facility management. We can offer a comprehensive range of consulting and services for foreign clients.